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Hi, I'm John.

I am a London-based freelance photographer  specializing in street, landscape, and travel photography.  


In 2019, I took a sabbatical from a successful corporate career to re-focus on my creative endeavours - a decision that proved invaluable in advancing my passion for presenting captivating visuals and stories.


Was it risky?  "They" all said so. Worth it?  Definitely so. It reminded me that happiness derives from a healthy balance between career aspirations and artistic expression that fuels my passion.


Since taking my first “big” trip many years ago to Europe, I have been consumed with deliberately exploring unique locations both home and abroad to uncover the cultures and underlying spirit that reveals the unique lifeblood of a place.  I explore the only way I know how - one foot in front of the other and utilizing my camera lens as a portal to some version of my interpreted truth. The result is photography meant to share a story and instil a personal feeling unique to each observer. No one photo should mean the same to two sets of eyes.


“Fernweh” is a term of German origin that captures precisely what my photography is meant to serve as a reminder of - the burning desire to explore, go further, learn and embrace the vibrancy of life. 


As any photographer will attest, the gear setup is ever-evolving and fluid.  I currently shoot both the Sony full-frame and Fujifilm mirrorless systems and glass.  My ultimate goal is to be adaptable to the tools that help craft my personal style.


Contact me directly for interest in discussing how we can work together, partner on creative collaboration or simply meet-up for a photo walk and swap stories.

"You will only know if you go."

- Me...but, probably someone else too

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